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What is Task Planner?

Task Planner is a desktop tool which gives you a different access to RTM (Remember the Milk) todo list.

It is designed to give you a better overview over your tasks (e.g. see several lists at the same time, view tasks by day).

Typical tasks that should be easier with this tool:

Initial Setup

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In order to set up Task Planner, create an account with Remember The Milk first (www.rememberthemilk.com).

Set up a few lists and create some tasks for them. You find an example setup here: Example Setup

Download Task Planner to a directory where you want to keep this application. Unzip the file to retrieve taskplanner<version>.jar.

Download and install Java:  www.java.com.

Start Taskplanner by double clicking on taskplanner<version>.jar
Connect to RTM (Menu: Help -> Authenticate with RTM).
Add a view (e.g. Menu: View -> Add view ‘Task by Date’)
Select a (smart) list in the drop down box or create a filter using the button “set filter”.
Have fun.