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Version 0.1.169 : more filter conditions, busy indicator, bug fixes
Version 0.1.150 : graphically create filters for task views, show tags, bug fixes
Version 0.1.138 : bug fixes, show repeating tasks
Version 0.1.123 : bug fixes
Version 0.1.117 : handling of multipart messages, bug fixes
Version 0.1.113 : bug fixes, added logging
Version 0.1.109 : email integration (Help -> Email Access)
Version 0.1.97 : deleted tasks go to trash, if so configured (Help->Edit Configuration), can be undone
Version 0.1.95 : calendar integration (Help -> Calendar Access), bug fixes
Version 0.1.83 : bugfixes
Version 0.1.82 : undo actions – except new and delete
Version 0.1.75 : new icon, refresh also refreshes Task Lists, bug fixes
Version 0.1.70 : edit, add, delete notes
Version 0.1.67 : proper display of notes without title
Version 0.1.66 : edit task dialog
Version 0.1.62 : make priority more relevant when displaying unsorted tasks, tooltip more to the right
Version 0.1.60 : make tooltip stay, avoid NPE when deleting task while tooltip open
Version 0.1.59 : added ‘new task’-dialog
Version 0.1.57 : fixed: task by view, task without due date, move in list does not work
Version 0.1.56 : fixed NPE when view has no task list assigned yet
Version 0.1.55 : trying to find the most useful exception in the stack trace
Version 0.1.54 : force exit on window close in order to avoid hanging background threads
Version 0.1.53 : fixed refresh
Version 0.1.50 : shows operations being performed during start-up
Version 0.1.47 : fixed error on new task creation when mouse is hovering over newly created tasks
Version 0.1.45 : Tasks can now be moved between views via drag and drop
Version 0.1.44 : initial version




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